From Country to Farmhouse....what a difference a coat paint can make! 1

Good morning! It's been a long time since I have sat down to write about my favorite thing, farmhouse decor. I love to create but I don't always find the time to blog about it.   I'm constantly adding new decor to my home or rearranging but today I wanted to tell you about my most recent big project.      First I want to give you a little before and after teaser...who doesn't love anticipation?!


This was my dining room:  

I liked it but a change was needed.   My boys are teenagers now so I had time for a large project!   Packing up and taking everything down was a project in itself!   Phew!   It was time to channel my inner HGTV Goddess!   

I decided the wall color was the first thing to change, lighten up a bit.  Off to Sherwin Williams to find the perfect greige paint color!   Did you know there are about 1000 shades of greige?!  I had done my homework on Pinterest and choose between Agreeable Gray and Anew Gray. I decided to go with Agreeable Gray as it has slightly more of a taupe/brown feel and Anew has a gray/brown tone.   Agreeable felt the most "farmhouse" to me.

While my husband was painting away I was planning in my head where to put things and what new accessories to buy!   I hit Overstock for curtains and Target for a hanging produce scale clock that I had been eyeing for a while.  

I love to collaborate with friends to get a project done!  Christi at Three Little Birds painted the hutch.   While Christi was painting the hutch I painted the dining table legs and washstand using Amy Howard Ballet White chalk paint.  

Once the walls were painted, and the furniture was back the fun began!   I filled the hutch with my white dish collection, some is Ironstone and other pieces I have collected throughout the years as thrift store finds!  I love a good thrift shop!!  I hung tobacco baskets, cotton decor, and a boxwood wreath.   

And now for the full grand reveal!   What do you think?  I'm in love!

Do you have a room in need of a makeover?  Tell me about it in the comments!

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